Rules of the contest for young authors of papers, participants of QM 2016 Conference

  1. The contest is open only to the original papers, presenting the achievements of the candidate.
  2. The competition is for young authors, who on presentation of the paper at the conference are under the age of 35 years.
  3. Papers written by a single author are preferred. In the case of several co-authors of the paper the candidate must be the first author.
  4. The paper must be presented by the candidate at the time of the conference.
  5. Competition Commission, appointed by the Technical Program Committee, will be judging the contest.
  6. In judging the competition, the Commission takes into account three elements:
    • The opinions of the reviewers qualifying paper to the Conference,
    • Opinion of the chairman of the section, concerning the paper and the presentation,
    • Commission opinion concerning of the paper intended for publication.
  7. Winners will receive a certificate which will present a representative of the Section or the chairman of the Competition Commission.
  8. Institutions and universities employing (delegating) winners will be informed of rewarding their employees, graduate students, or students.

QM 2016 Organizing Commitee

Rules in the PDF file.